Sixties Spy

Sixties Spy

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hungover Thrift Score


Saturday I spent most of my day feeling like shit, drinking soda pop, slinging back ibuprofen, and watching scenes from My Girl. (I always wish that movie was a little better than it actually is, but if I ever have a girl,  her name is going to be Vada.)

Sunday I still wasn't in the mood for gussying up, but at least I went out into the land of the living with Shayna and her friend Kate. We tore up the Towson Saver's Thrift Store and I tried on this burnt orange dress over my clothes.

Kate modeled an entire basket load of outfits in under five minutes and I was very impressed. While Shayna and Kate scavenged for blazers and career wear, I crept over to the bric-a-brac section. I just can't help myself when it comes to funky little figurines and used office supplies.

Savers has all of their home decor displayed on metal shelves that you can peek though to see into the next row of goods. In my case, I wasn't just spotting out of season Christmas plaques, but a cute lilac haired girl.

Like any other typical Sunday for me, I felt like a weirdo spying on this perfectly hip stranger. I loved her pale green daisy dress, her black tights in August, and her purple spritzed bangs. It took me at least three attempts, walking into the same aisle as her, feigning interest in crockpots and teacups without saucers, to gather up the nerve to say that I loved her style.

Thankfully she didn't run screaming, even though I looked like hangover hell two days after my gay bar antics (I must really be getting old). She told me her name was Lindsay and she posed beautifully and let me take some pictures that turned out great. Considering how broken my iPhone is, it was like taking snapshots with a disposable camera and crossing your fingers that they developed halfway decent at a 1 Hour Photo.

After Savers, Shayna took me and Kate to the Book Thing and it was the cherry on top of my Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to go back to both of these places soon and maybe spy another cute thrift look!