Sixties Spy

Sixties Spy

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lilac Lindsay


It turns out that the "cute lilac haired girl" I interviewed at the Saver's in Towson was Lindsay Bottos of feminist tumblr fame. And you know what? She was really, really sweet. 

Read about her art project "Anonymous" here: 

As someone who used to have a mean, stalker ex-boyfriend who would post "anonymously" on my old blog, I felt extremely inspired when I initially saw Lindsay's project. 

Of course I just want people to get along, but that's an idealistic way of thinking.

If we can't have a perfect world, at least we can strive for less girl on girl hate. It's all in our hands sisters. One of my dreams is to run a zine/motivational workshop for young girls, and people like Lindsay are proof that it can be done no matter what anyone says.